How Paths to Enlightenment Came Into Being:

Many years ago I moved to a new town. I felt uprooted and adrift, unsure of what to do with my life, so I asked for help. I didn’t know who I was asking or what kind of assistance I sought, I just asked. That morning, as my regular meditation was drawing to a close, an image flashed into my mind – a field of corn. Although it lasted for only a second the image seemed significant, loaded with meaning – I was searching for a way through the cornfield but couldn’t find a route until I took a small step. Although I’d hardly moved, my new position revealed that the crops had been sown in furrows each providing a path through the field. This image seemed a definite response to my predicament and an invitation to look at my circumstances from a different perspective. The following day I received another image and the day after another; I set about translating them into words until I had a small collection of stories, each with a distinct message. These stories had a profound and increasing effect on my life throughout the decades that followed and I began referring to them as my Paths to Enlightenment.